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34) The Spirit of Konarski,

n.p. / n.d. (ca.1863)

One-leaf pamphlet, unsigned, undated.

This poem is a prayer to God, to upbuild “to thy martyr´s memory (...) the Nations freedom.” Linton was well informed of the Polish cause through the reports of his friends, the exiles Worcell and Stolzman. Beside the admired poet Adam Bernard Mickiewicz, it was most notably the Polish revolutionary Szymon Konarski, who had been executed by the Russians in 1839, in whom he recognized an arch-symbol of the Polish fight for liberty. He wrote extensively about him in Vol I. and IV of The English Republic and dedicated a chapter of his book European Republican (1893) to him. The pamphlet seems to have been published in the context of the Polish uprising against the Russian Empire in January 1863. Linton had immediately called a meeting in London to express the sympathy of the English republicans.