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Linton- Life in the Collections

George Julian Harney ed.:

6) The Red Republican & The Friend of the People 1850-1851.

London, 1967

In the collection: the two-volume reprint with an introduction by John Saville. London 1967

George Julian Harney was an early follower of the physical force Chartism of Feargus O’Connor and connected to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. In 1850 he finally broke with O’Connor because of his support of anti-republican elements among the European exiles and came “to share Linton’s belief that the Chartists needed a vision of republican fraternity and a sense of self-respect if they were to remain staunch in the struggle for the suffrage.” (F.B. Smith) In June 1850, Harney began with The Red Republican, a magazine still known today for having published the first English translation of Marx’ Communist Manifesto. Linton designed and cut the pithy masthead of the journal and contributed under his favourite pennames Spartacus and Armand Carrel lots of essays, poems and songs and also translations of pamphlets by Mazzini.