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Ebenezer Jones:

59) The Land Monopoly; The Suffering and Demoralization caused by It, and the Justice & Expediency of its Abolition

London 1849/2010

Bound copies.

Ebenezer Jones, the self-educated poet and close friend of Linton, wrote this vigorous pamphlet, that supports Linton´s plea for a nationalization of land, during the era of the Great Famine in Irland. Right from the start he puts it straight, that he does not want his argumentations to be confused with such an ephemeral phenomenon like Communism, but the existing monopoly would only cause famine and desaster. A nationalization of land would not only ensure the labouring classes plentious and certain subsistence, but would also “terminate the moral evils, which their present slavish dependence necessitates, not only for themselves, but for all members of society.” Linton wrote his poem cycle Rhymes and Reasons against Landlordism at the end of the year partly apparently in correspondence with Jones’ s argumentations.