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Linton- Life in the Collections

C.G. Harding, ed.:

58) The Republican. A Magazine Advocating the Sovereignty of the People. Vol. I-II.

London 1848-49 / 2010

A recent reprint of this Chartist paper, which ceased to be printed early in 1849 due to the frailed health and the pecunary difficulties of its editor.

The predominant part of the contributions for Harding’s Chartist journal came from Linton and most of them were taken over from The Cause of the People, a paper which he had launched together with George Holyoake in May 1848 and which had survived only two months. Outstanding among them is The Dirge of the Nations, a prophetic vision of the massacres and the failed hopes of ‘48. Through its numerous reprints, it gained considerable popularity. Remarkable as well is Our Tricolor, Linton’s poetic invention and visualization of a Republican flag to-be. This illustrated poem turned out to be a representative cornerstone of his central editorial project in the Fifties, The English Republic.