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John Milton:

56) L'Allegro and Il Penseroso by John Milton. With Thirty Illustrations Designed Expressly For the Art-Union of London.

London 1848

Illustrations by John Tenniel, Hablot K. Browne, John Gilbert, Henry Wehnert, Edward Duncan, Kenny Meadows etc. / Engravers: John Thurston, George Dalziel, John Thomson, John Jackson, W.J. Linton etc

John Milton was, next to Shakespeare, the most frequently illustrated British poet. To capture the complementary moods of these two early poems by him, which symbolize the levels of the cheerful sanguine and the dark melancholic temperaments, was a challenge in illustratory respects. Unfortunately this number of artists, who were mainly known for their Punch and Dickens illustrations, were not able to meet it. Linton, who in 1848 was mainly occupied with interventionist concerns, only engraved two pastoral landscape drawings, one by his friend, the marine painter Edward Duncan.