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William James Linton:

93) European Republicans. Recollections of Mazzini and his Friends.

London 1893

Nearly half of the book is dedicated to Guiseppe Mazzini, the founder of the Young Italy and Young Europe movements. An excerpt from Mazzini’s Foi et Avenir (1835) serves as the motto of the publication: “The Republican party is not a political party: it is a party essentially religious.” The subsequent chapter is about some of Mazzini’s Italian followers, who became early martyrs of the Risorgimento, Jacobo Ruffini, a close friend of Linton, and the Brothers Bandieras. Next comes Linton’s recollections of the French communitarian theorist Abbé Lamennais, then an account of the Russian revolutionary Colonel Pavel Pestel and his follower Lieutnant Ryléieff, who were involved the Decembrist revolt of 1825, and a portrayal of the Russian anarchist Alexander Herzen, who wrote for Linton’s English Republic. The last chapter is dedicated to four exponents of the Polish Liberation movement: Simon Konarski, Albert Daraz and Linton’s close friends Charles Stolzman and Stanislas Worcell. Appended is an excerpt from the Manifesto of Mazzini’s Central European Democratic Committee which was drafted in London in 1850, signed by Ledru Rollin, Guiseppe Mazzini, Albert Daraz and Arnold Ruge.