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Carl von Lützow ed.:

72) Der Holzschnitt der Gegenwart in Europa und Nord-Amerika.

Vienna 1887

This heavy folio provides a range of brilliant reproductions and offers the best insight into the international development of xylography in the second half of the 19th century. The art historian and archaeologist Carl von Lützow commissioned specialists from all over Europe, often members of the craft themselves, to write essays on the various national specifics of this printing technique. The article on British xylography was written by Moritz Klinkicht, a German engraver, who had worked for some years for the London Graphic. He counts Linton among the Bewick disciples. The contribution on American wood engraving was written by Sylvester Rosa Koehler. The curator of prints at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston was one of the most influential advocates and theorists of the extreme surface realism of the New School and his article a revealing document not only on their controversy with Linton but also on the forward-looking mode of American reproduction graphics at the end of the century.