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Linton- Life in the Collections

W. J. Linton and R. H. Stoddard:

66) English Verse. Lyrics of the XIXth Century.

New York 1883

 The 19th century section starts with the first generation of Romantic poets, with Wordsworth and Coleridge. Linton’s whole circle of literary models, friends and acquaintances is represented: Percy Byshee Shelley, Ebenezer Elliott, Walter Savage Landor, Harriet Martineau, Charles Wells, Thomas Wade, Richard Hengist Horne, William Bell Scott, Dante Rossetti, Ebenezer Jones, James BV Thomson and William Morris. Also, the editors are represented with a small choice of their own work. Interestingly Linton is introduced in the annotations as an “engraver and political writer”, whereas Rossetti, for example, is noted as a “painter and poet.”