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W. J. Linton and R. H. Stoddard:

65) English Verse. From Chaucer to Burns.

New York 1883

In the collection: the London edition from 1884

 This “golden treasury“ volume is the basis of the very successful five-volume edition of English Verse, which Linton put forth in association with his friend Richard Henry Stoddard. The series was first published in New York and appeared a year later in London for the British market. Favourites of Linton such as Robert Herrick and John Milton are extensively represented. William Blake is granted five poems, among them the famous “Tyger”. The selection closes, in the phrase of the editors, “with a sweet, wild cry, a deep, loud shout – the long triumphant song of the Master Singer – Burns”. The Scottish poet Robert Burns, son of a tenant farmer and pioneer of the Romantic movement, was the hero of all radical self-taught poets in the 19th century.