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Linton- Life in the Collections

William James Linton:

58) Who Were The Chartists? in: The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. Vol. 23, No 3.

New York, November 1881, to April 1882.

 “Who were the Chartists? - a question to be first answered by saying what Chartism was. A word of fear in England, from 1837, for ten to fifteen years onward, of its sound scarcely an echo now remains.” Thus begins Linton’s melancholy reminiscence and defence of the political movement, which had formed him. He picked his “men for praise, the best I knew, the leaders of the earlier movement” and provides short portraits of James Watson, William Lovett, Thomas Cooper and John Frost. But by only taking into account members of the rather intellectual circles of the London Workingmen’s Association and omitting the then much more popular and effective Manchester faction of Feargus O`Connor he gives a rather biased account of the movement.