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Linton- Life in the Collections


31) The Art Journal. New Series volume 1.

New York 1875

The publisher of the Art Journal, D. Appleton and Company, was one of the biggest firms in the American book trade. Having issued most of the illustrated gift-books of Fireside poetry and also the Picturesque America series they were Linton’s central employer.

Six of the total of eleven full-page wood engravings were executed by Linton. They belong to the last examples of interpretative graver-work, he would make. Compared to his preceding reproductions of paintings for The London Illustrated News or The Aldine they appear rather restrained, undecided between sketchiness and elaborateness, undecided how to meet the rising demand for accurate reproduction, which had been ignited by photoxylography. The objects of Linton’s engravings were pictures of academic painters such as Jean-Leon Geromé or Jean Georges Vibert, who mainly referred to a historical or contemporary narrative. The objects of those engravings of the New School, which would revolutionize the xylographic business only two years later, were works of American impressionists, who mainly referred to representation itself.