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Linton- Life in the Collections

Joan Allen / Owen R. Ashton:

61) Papers for the People: A Study of the Chartist Press.

London 2005

This collection of essays examines the role of the Chartist press in the formation of working-class culture and, more generally, in the development of British print culture. Although many Chartist publications were short-lived, their influence was far more long-lasting, as it encouraged working-class self-awareness and, beyond that, paved the way for the later mass Sunday newspapers.

Two journals of Linton are more closely examined: Edward Royle contributes a piece on The Cause of the People, which Linton edited in 1848 together with George J. Holyoake. According to Royle, it supported the awareness of communitarian responsibility of citizenship. In her article on ‘The late-Chartist press in North-East England, 1852–1859’, editor Joan Allen takes account of Linton’s The English Republic.

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