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Linton- Life in the Collections

Doris Bickford-Swarthout:

53) Mary Hallock Foote: Pioneer Woman Illustrator.

Deansboro 1996

The book focuses on the illustrative work of the famous novelist Mary Hallock Foote, who had introduced the American readership to the everyday life of the settlers, miners and engineers that were peopling the Wild West. In the early seventies, Mary Hallock had studied three years at the Cooper Institute in New York in the class of Linton, who taught her drawing on wood and engraving. Linton had also played a crucial role in her career by procuring her initial commissions as an illustrator. He had also engraved numerous drawings of his former disciple. After George Sand, Harriet Martineau and Eliza Lynn, Mary Hallock Foote was the fourth in a series of prominent emancipated women, with whom he had collaborated.