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Linton- Life in the Collections

Yuri V. Kovalev:

26) An Anthology of Chartist Literature.

Moscow 1956

This anthology, published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House Moscow, was announced as “the first attempt at a representative collection of Chartist poetry and prose to be published in any country.” The introduction and the comments by the noted lecturer at the University of Leningrad are in Russian, but the texts are not translated, so that “the British student of his own country’s past may well benefit from these researches of a foreign scholar.” The pioneering work is divided into four sections: poetry, novels, literary criticism, and speeches. Linton is represented extensively i.a. with an article on Russian republicanism from his English Republic, his poem from 1848 The Dirge of the Nations and some pithy examples of his cycle Rhymes and Reasons against Landlordism.

It is telling that the foremost political artist of the 19th century had his initial comeback with greetings from Moscow. But it would take another seventeen years until this return took on a more distinctive shape, this time with greetings from Canberra, Australia.