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George Somes Layard:

3) Mrs. Lynn Linton Her Life Letters & Opinions.

London 1901

The rear inside cover bears some newspaper cut-outs and a handwritten letter by Mrs. Lynn Linton to Mrs. Claude Webster. Pasted in as well is an original photographic portrait of Mrs. Linton.

Linton had been associated with the former radical journalist and successful Victorian novelist Eliza Lynn after the death of his second partner Emily Wade in a kind of functional marriage from 1858 till his emigration in 1866. Chapter VII of Lynn’s biography contains some lively insights into the wild proto-Hippie existence of the multitudinous Linton family in Brantwood. As her biographer states, Mrs. Lynn couldn’t endure this anti-authoritarian state of constant “disorder, unthrift, and squalor (...) than she could live in the wigwam of a Cherokee Indian.”


Eliza Lynn - W.J. Linton


W. Savage Landor - Eliza Lynn - Caricature of Eliza Lynn