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Ann Blainey:

30) The Farthing Poet. A Biography of Richard Hengist Horne, 1802 - 1884. A lesser Literary Lion.

London 1968

Although Blainey’s biography appeared only eight years after Cyril Pearl’s pioneering study, she managed to ignore him completely. Instead, the Australian literary historian refers to the papers of Eri J. Shumaker of Denison University Granville, Ohio, who wrote an unpublished dissertation on Horne in 1934. Although Anne Blainey’s views are often blocked by canonical prejudice, this well researched biography on the neglected author is still worth reading, as it provides a lot of information on those radical circles of “angry young men”, that also had shaped Linton’s cultural and political views; it thus adds another valuable perspective of a deeper understanding of Victorian radical culture to Francis Barrymore Smith’s Linton biography that followed only five years later.