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Linton- Life in the Collections

A.V.S. Anthony, Timothy Cole and Elbridge Kingsley:

12) Wood-Engraving. Three Essays by Three Engravers.

New York 1916

This small book includes lectures by A.V.S. Anthony, Timothy Cole and Elbridge Kingsley. They were held on the occasion of an exhibition on American wood engraving which took place in the influential Grolier Club of bibliophiles in New York in the spring of 1915. A list of  the exhibits is annotated at the end of the book. Linton´s work was strongly represented, not his private press productions, but the illustrations he engraved for the gift book-series of New England poetry, for Picturesque America, the Edwin Booth-book and magazines like Leslie´s Weekly, The Aldine, American Enterprise and Hearth and Home. Six of his Thanatopsis - engravings were shown as proofs. In his essay A.V.S. Anthony stressed Linton´s dominant impact on the development of American xylography: "In power - knowledge of the value of various lines producing quality and texture - he is the peer of any engraver who ever lived, working by any process, on any material. (...) He is the master par excellence of the burin."