Now available:

Our first edition of artists’ prints published by Melton Prior Institute
for Reportage Drawing, Düsseldorf,

in collaboration with Kunstverein Bremerhaven e.V.

Luis Camnitzer, New York
Bogdan Hoffmann, Bremen
Birgit Jensen, Düsseldorf
Ben Katchor, New York
Stephan Mörsch, Berlin
Alexander Roob, Düsseldorf
Dierk Schmidt, Berlin
Paul Schwer, Düsseldorf
Andreas Siekmann, Berlin
Susan Turcot, Toronto

Edition of 150 + 20 artists’ proofs, all prints signed and numbered,
varying techniques
Contains a booklet with texts and illustrations by Clemens Krümmel

Concept: Alexander Roob, Clemens Krümmel
Co-curated by: Klaus Becké, Bremerhaven
Design concept of storage case and brochure: Lena Roob, Berlin
Storage case: Vorwerk Kartonagen, Düsseldorf
Cover silkscreen: Wolfgang Liedtke, Düsseldorf
Brochure printed by Agitdruck, Berlin

Our premiere edition of artists’ prints organized in collaboration with Kunstverein Bremerhaven bears the title „Bremerhaven – New York“. It is the first project after the „Diving Trips“ exhibitions, and it is aimed at exemplifying the historic and artistic agenda of the Institute to interested collectors. Over the past two years 2007 and 2008, the Melton Prior Institute was able to produce a collection of artists’ prints from international artists, addressing Bremerhaven as a location in general, in particular taking into account the historic line of migration between the cities of Bremerhaven and New York. Bremerhaven as one of the most important emigration harbors in Europe from the mid-19th century onwards is viewed here from many different artistic perspectives. This edition not only represents a wide spectrum of artistic examinations of this topic – it also offers a great variety of printing techniques – ranging from „classical“ techniques such as etching, silkscreen and lithography to contemporary digital printing techniques and mixed-media approaches. A crucial part of the artists preparatory work for this edition consisted in researching on Bremerhaven, in many cases by spending time there, making drawings facing the localities as aide-mémoires and as the basis for further printed explorations. All artists were invited to visit the city and found good working conditions to conceptualize the works presented here.

VIEW EDITION (10 images. photos: Achim Kukulies)

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