Nadar IV: Press graphics 1858 – 1905

The popular Salon caricatural-series “Nadar Jury”, which he created in collaboration with the history painter Alfred Darjou for Charles Philipon’s new cartoon magazine “Journal amusant”, reveals Nadar’s critical attachment to the contemporary art scene. In 1863 his enthusiasm for aerial photography got a setback when his giant balloon “Le Géant” crashed on a field near Hanover. In 1886 the techniques of snapshot and halftone allowed him to combine his interest in sequential narrative with photography. The three photo interviews that he conducted with the 100-year-old chemist and color theorist Eugène Chevreul were taken by his son Paul and are considered a milestone in photo reportage. In 1905 Nadar finished his rich pictorial-journalistic career with a title cartoon for the satirical magazine “L´Assiette au beurre”.

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