Fresnes – Observations of a collaborateur. Part II

Rio was a pseudonym of Ralph Soupault (1904-1962), who became known in the 1920s as the leading cartoonist of the French nationalist reaction. Later on he joined the French fascist party PPF. Soupault was a supporter of the German occupying forces and became notorious for his anti-semitic propaganda. In 1946 he was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment in Fresnes, a huge institution nearby Paris, which only recently was used by the Gestapo to house members of the French Résistance. Pierre Laval, the former vice-president of the Vichy Regime was executed there in 1945 after a questionable treason trial, which was internationally taken for scandalous.Soupault´s narration is defined by a kind of personal awakening towards the catholic rite and an adherence to his political convictions.

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