Georg Winter´s UCS moving pictures:: Losing Horses. – Scene 3: The Haus zur Trapp in Pulheim

Shooting finds its climax andcompletion on the Stommeln village green. In the remake of the novel, Haus zur Trapp, built in 1785 and in reality now a café and hotel, serves as the inn Don Quixote believes is a castle. The fair maidens standing at the door are actually “two young women, girls of the district,” who scornfully tie his hand to the bolt of a door while his horse, Rosinante, takes to her hooves: in Stommeln, the actor is left dangling from the inn?s sign. This stunt passes smoothly into the next: on the village green in front of the Trapp, Don Quixote is thrown from his horse at full gallop- and the mystery surrounding the movie´s title is solved. “Losing horses” are horses that lose their riders, that liberate themselves from them.

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