The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: 12 dead at Paris offices of the legendary satirical magazine (Dangerous Drawings)

The caricaturists Stéphane Charbonnie aka Charb, Jean Cabut aka Cabu, Georges Wolinski and Bernard Verlhac aka Tignous are among those numberless victims of a rising Islamic totalitarism. The new theocratic fascism has struck the culture of enlightenment at its traditional artistic core.

Chief editor Charb after the petrol bomb attack on November 2011

Georges Wolinski in front of the bombed offices in November 2011

Charb in September 2012: The fight goes on …:“I am not afraid of reprisals, I have no children, no wife, no car, no debt. It might sound a bit pompous, but I’d prefer to die on my feet rather than living on my knees.”

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