The pictorial diary of Christiaan Andriessen (1805 – 1808) (Exhibition / Ausstellung)

The Amsterdam City Archive shows an extensive  selection of the drawn diary of the Amsterdam artist Christiaan Andriessen (1775-1846).  He drew in his diary nearly every day  until 1 janury 1807, after which he made one drawing a week. You can follow the artists family life as well as his professional accompishments with his use of the camera obsura.  Besides the Brothers Sandby´s Views of Windsor, which were painted in watercolours and Daniel Chodowiecki´s drawn record of his travel to Gdansk in 1773, this egodocument of Andriessen belongs to the very early milestones of graphic reportage reflecting every day life.

On her website the Amsterdam City Archive provides a reconstruction of the diary in chronological order.

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