“Vogelmen Diaries” – Exhibition film and related archive articles (Melton Prior Institute im Heidelberger Kunstverein, 17.11.2012 – 27.1.2013)

Exhibition Film. Click on the image to play.


Fletcher DuBois performs the “Vogelmen Diaries” at the opening.

Main Hall, Southern Wall: Thomas Nast, “Our System of Feathering Nests ..”

Main Hall, Northern Wall: Thomas Nast, “Let Us Prey!”

> Faits Divers – Illustrations: Crashes and Collapses

> Thomas Nast: “Dead Men´s Clothes Soon Wear Out”

> Thomas Nast – Pictorial

Main Hall, series of showcases:

> Thomas Nast and his teacher Theodor Kaufmann

Main Hall, series of showcases: Special Artists: Constantin Guys – William Simpson – Melton Prior – Frederic Villiers – Joseph Pennell

> “Specials Artists” and the culture of the unfinished drawing (Melton Prior)

> Constantin Guys and William Simpson (Kriegsbilder, Bilderkriege. Die Erfindung der Bildreportage)

Main Hall, Entrance: Theo de Feyter

>  Theo de Feyter: “Air Line” or The Unchosen Motif

> Theo de Feyter:On archaeology and drawing

> Theo de Feyter: “I took with me a painter”

> Theo de Feyter: Ali Ferzat and Bashar al-Asad

Lower Gallery I: “Öl-Raum”: Susan Turcot – Lili Rethi – Stefan Heller – Paul Hogarth

> Susan Turcot

> Susan Turcot über Lili Rethi

> Stefan Heller

Main Hall, Gallery: “Me too in Verdun”

> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Me too in Verdun I

> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Me too in Verdun II

> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Me too in Verdun III

Lower Gallery II: “Ruins Room”: Willibald Krain – Hans Liska –  Paul Renouard –  Albert Robida -Thomas Walch – Eugen Krüger

> Willibald Krain:Spook at Dawn

> Paul Renouard, the Zola of Drawing

> Eugen Krüger: The seat of war

Lower Atrium: Western Front, Flanders: Monogrammist R.D – Adolf Hitler – Theodor Rocholl

> Flanders I: Monogrammist R.D.: Kompanie 1/134

> Flanders II: Adolf Hitler, Aquarelle

> Flanders III: Theodor Rocholl: The Broken Historical Painter

Lower Atrium, Black Box: Paul Hogarth

> Paul Hogarth: Defiant People, Drawings of Greece Today

> Paul Hogarth: Arthur Boyd Houghton

Haupthalle, Vitrinenreihe: Karikatur-Sektion: František Kupka – Émile Cohl – Jean Cocteau -Paul Iribe

> Examples of Saloncaricature

> Emile Cohl – Pictorial

> Emile Cohl: Ils sont passés devant les nez déconfits

Empore: Saul Leiter

> Saul Leiter and Robert Weaver, an artistic dialogue

Empore: Robert Weaver

> Saul Leiter and Robert Weaver, an artistic dialogue

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