ROSTA / GPP : Pictorial Newsposter-Series of the Russian Avantgarde I , Moscow, 1920 / 1921

In February 1919, caricaturist Mikhail Cheremnykh started an artistic campaign in an empty shop window with a visually designed report of the Bolshevist news agency ROSTA. Shortely thereafter the initiative was taken up by the popular poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. He selected most of the news items and prepared them for pictorial realisation. “The field of activity was huge: advertising work for the Comintern and for collecting mushrooms in the interest of those suffering from hunger, the battle against Wrangel and the typhus lice, posters requesting to keep old newspapers and posters advocating electrification.”(Mayakovsky) The Posters (each ca. 41 x 51 cm) were handmade with stencils. (Courtesy Gallery Thomas Flor, Berlin)

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