Robert Weaver VII: The Woolworth – Motion

What´s Come Over Old Woolworth? (Fortune, January 1969) “There are assignments for `Fortune´, where I am realistically and symbolically going up the corporate ladder at Woolworth´s. It starts with the stockboy, and I use chairs as a metaphor for power. The chairs become more and more elaborate as we go to top. The drawings where rendered from life. (…) As for process, essentially there is not a hell of a lot of transformation between the sketches and the finishes. I´ve actually made the pictures more decorative. My sketches are notes, and the color variations stay in the mind. I make the drawings without colours, and later simply bathe the picture in what I remember to be the proper light.” (Robert Weaver in conversation with Steven Heller, 1986)The original drawings: 27,5 x 35,5 cm, pencil on paper. (MePri-Collection)

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