Doré´s works for “Journal pour Rire” (1847-51) – II

Thirteen years before his coeval successor Wilhelm Busch began his career at the Munich “Fliegende Blätter”, young Gustave Doré had already established a mature and distinct Comic imagery in Charles Philipon´s groundbreaking “Journal pour Rire”. Doré´s Art of Comic was a livley blend of various influences: The loose improvised “romans en images” of Rodolphe Töpffer and his virtuoso interpret Cham, the phantastic cartooning of Grandville, the historic series of Daumier, the biting political strips of Felix Nadar, the emblematic caricatures of Bertall, and last but not least the skilfull childlish scribblings of Punch-cartoonist Richard Doyle.

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