Jan Vegter´s biographical documentary “Meppel, an odd year ” (ca. 1992 – 1995) (Exhibition / Catalogue)

Jan Vegter´s sensitive drawing series Meppel, een raar jaar (‘Meppel, an odd year’) covers the beginning of WW II in the Netherlands, the German invasion, the bombardment of Rotterdam and the first days of the occupation. This brillant biographical body of work, consisting of fifty-one plates, is on show for the first time in the Historisch Centrum of the foundation Oud Meppel in Meppel (Netherlands) from 5 April to 17 July,  thereafter in Münster (Germany) in the Haus der Niederlande from 27 July  to 28 August and finally from 30 April to 21 May 2017 in the Villa van Delden in Ahaus (Germany). The exhibitions are accompanied by a catalogue.

Jan Vegter, “Meppel, een raar jaar” (plate 028): The flu..! A life like a prince! Wonderful!! / For the time being I didn’t have to get better.

Jan Vegter, “Meppel, een raar jaar” (plate 047): ‘Ja, mein Junge, Rotterdam. Schade!’

Jan Vegter, “Meppel, een raar jaar” (plate 051): It was June already when my father strolled through Voorburg again. / Back from the hospital! / Shrapnel in his hand./ And he was a lucky one!

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